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Shona out of Africa Kennel
FCI / ENCI recognized

<title>Rhodesian Ridgback breeders Shona out of Africa Kennel ENCI/FCI</title> <meta name=keywords content="Rhodesian Italy; Rhodesian Roma; Rhodesian Roma Breeding; Rodesian Rome breeding; Rodesian Italia Breeding" "Official Rhodesian Enci Breeding" "Rhodesian Breeding" "Ridgback Roma" Rhodesian Rome puppies litter; Rhodesian dog litter; Rhodesia; African dog; Dog; Battaglia Recognized by Enci Fci. Since 2007. pure South African bloodlines"/>

My name is Carlotta Battaglia,

Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder since 2008.

A brief introduction about me and my passion for RR:

My grandparents immigrated to South Africa in 1960, my grandfather brought home our first RR named Jolly, but since my grandmother had recommended choosing a small dog, she passed it off as… an African small dog. The trick did not last long, but since then the passion for this breed began in the family.
In Zimbabwe my mother met Mrs Wallese, a great Rhodesian expert, she became friends with her and with her dogs she began breeding with her kennel named Monserrato.
For my seventeenth birthday my mother surprised me with my first Rhodesian from South Africa which I called Shona and with her I started my kennel that has her name.

Currently my kennel is located in Vitorchiano in the province of Viterbo. (Italy) 

Female Rhodesian Ridgeback breeding Italy

Shona out of Africa, Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel recognized by both ENCI (Italian National Dog Association) and FCI (International Cynological Federation).

Our choice of life allows us to dedicate passion, love, professionalism and competence guaranteeing them all the necessary care and pampering.

Our main goal is to breed Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs of the highest genealogy of the best bloodlines, which can become real family members. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are perfect, affectionate and very good even with children, moreover we try to select the best puppy in the best family context.

He has a very reserved and independent character, faithful and devoted to his master and manages to establish strong bonds with the whole family.

Medium-sized dog, muscular, agile and powerful, capable of great speed and endurance. The Ridgeback has evolved from an African hunting dog to a popular companion dog!

Ridgie males  reach 36-43 kg in weight and up to 70 cm of  height; for females 32-39 kg weight, from 61 cm to 67 cm in height.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback breed is the only one recognized as coming from the southern areas of Africa, Rhodesia and its name is due to its peculiar characteristic: a crest of hair along the backbone that develops in the opposite direction to the rest of the coat .

Their predatory instinct is strong, however it has a strong protective character and is a very respectful dog of family animals, including cats, because a good selection makes it very balanced. Find out more about this magnificent breed in our page dedicated to the Rhodesian Ridgeback Standard.

Contact us for any questions or information.

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