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Rhodesian Ridgeback Training

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I introduce myself, my name is Marianna, Italy knows me as MARIANNA DOG TRAINER and I am a Dog Educator (apnec-enci).

I work in Italy, but I started to move a little everywhere, because over the years I have found it more functional for the improvement of the dog to work at home and in its reference area.

The problems are generally related to the education to be given to the puppy, to the dog that does not listen, to the dog that pulls, to the dog that attacks, to the dog that barks, to the dog that is afraid, to the dog that cannot be alone.

Well, being aware of "how the dog thinks and communicates" is among the first arguments I face when I meet a new family in difficulty.

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The second, crucial topic is "what a dog needs" to be truly happy and therefore cooperative. Finally, a topic of fundamental importance and to always keep in mind while addressing the first two questions, is "what are the attitudes, physical and character, of the breed I have chosen". (This also applies to the mestizo, where multiple breeds coexist together).

Speaking of this, here is an example that touches me closely.

In order to acquire more skills that I can use in carrying out my work, over the years I have decided to expand my family, as I say 'take the job home'. And so, now I live in an apartment with my three dogs, all of different breeds and with different skills. It is incredible how each of them has helped me, and still helps me, to understand the enormous difference in timing and management that their diversity requires of me, because like us human beings, 'we are all the same but also all incredibly different '.

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The RR is, in fact, one of my dogs, a female named Pachamama. Pacha is now 2 years old, living next to this dog has been an evolution, a continuous growth, a 'magical encounter'. The reliability and seriousness of the farm in which you choose to invest is of extreme importance. For this reason, after almost a year of research and information, I chose the Shona out of Africa kennel, when I then spoke on the phone with the owner / founder Carlotta Battaglia it was obvious and undoubted why in the end that was the right environment for me. .

Professionalism, ancient and solid bloodlines, respect, ethics, love, conscience and knowledge of these living beings are what I entrusted to this professional, who in a short time became one of my best friends and collaborators.

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